My Mission For This Site

My main mission with this site is to provide you with any sources you may need during your crisis pregnancy. You have so much to worry about right now and I would like to provide you help with out too much searching. I have started with things that I can think of that you would need immediately but if there is something else that you think would help you and other people in your position, please feel free to let me know.

I am also providing you information on the development of your baby from conception to birth. It's an amazing journey. I have also provided brief descriptions on the different types of abortion and their risks. I am a firm believer that every woman should know the whole truth before making this life changing decision.

I hope you find what you need. If you feel like it, drop me an email and let me pray for you and your baby. And never forget, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

My Views on Abortion

While these first words are not mine, they do reflect my thoughts and what I would say if I could speak with such eloquence. Thanks to 'Priests for Life' and Abraham Lincoln for these beautiful words.

Abraham Lincoln's willingness to speak out against slavery in the 1860s was not a popular idea among those who wanted him to accommodate to the times and avoid the controversial issue. His profoundly moral position against slavery was not a cautious one. Boldly he spoke out repeatedly in defense of human life and dignity... The word 'abortion' can easily be substituted for the word 'slavery' in the following quote from Lincoln, and the passage could be addressed to so many today.
What we want, and all we want, is to have with us the men who think slavery wrong. But those who say they hate slavery, and are opposed to it, but yet act with the party where are they? Let us apply a few tests. You say that you think slavery is wrong, but you denounce all attempts to restrain it. Is there anything else that you think wrong, that you are not willing to deal with as a wrong? Why are you so careful, so tender of this one wrong and no other? You will not let us do a single thing as if it was wrong; there is no place where you will allow (slavery) to be even called wrong! We must not call it wrong in the Free States, because it is not there, and we must not call it wrong in the Slave States because it is there; we must not call it wrong in politics because that is bringing morality into politics, and we must not call it wrong in the pulpit because that is bringing politics into religion; we must not bring it into the Tract Society or the other societies, because those are such unsuitable places, and there is no single place, according to you, where this wrong thing can properly be called wrong!

~~Abraham Lincoln~~

Science and medicine have proven that life begins at conception. That baby's gender has already been decided as well as who he/she will look like, eye color, etc... Check out baby's progress. I know that public debate tells us to stick to the facts about the issue and but you can not leave God out of it. God created that baby! Life and death are God's decisions. God gave us laws and morals for the good of society. We have forgotten our morals, our definite right and wrong and life no longer has value. Even for those who aren't Christian, these laws and values still make a society, our country run smooth and free. When we devalue the life of our weakest, the unborn, it won't be long until the next step. Will it be people like me who are disabled? Maybe the elderly?

Pretty soon this country will make Hitler proud. What kind of person does it take to know that a baby cries, sucks it's thumb, sleeps, dreams, knows mama's voice and feels excruciating pain only to have that baby ripped apart piece by piece? For what? Convenience? Women's rights?

When I started researching abortion for this site I wanted to know all about both sides. Well I'm sorry; I just can't wrap my head around the thought of a human being so cold as to fight for the right to do that to a baby. It is just too unreal. When I decide to put my name behind an issue I want to know everything there is to know about that issue. It just seems to me that the pro-aborts fight to hide any information that is discovered about abortion or the development of the baby. They don't want to know the truth they want to hide the truth out of fear of losing their dollars. If more people knew the truth I don't think there would be any more abortion in the United States. If you are here to find help to let your baby live, I thank you with all of my heart. And your baby thanks you too. You are making a brave and compassionate choice. And that is what CHOICE is all about.


What I Believe

I've never written a statement of faith. I looked around on the net at some of the others and they all looked like they copied each other. All of the pertinent beliefs were there. But I decided to make mine a little more personal.

I've always believed in God and Jesus somewhere there in my mind and heart. But I was grown before I learned about the true God and the real birth of Christ. So this is what I learned.

I believe that the Bible, from Genesis through Revelations, is the inspired Word of God. Every single word. Even the ones in red. I believe it's important for Christians to read and learn from God's word as often as possible. It's our instruction book for life.

I believe that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary and that Mary and Joseph were both descendents of King David. I believe that when Jesus was thirty years old He began His ministry. He taught and did miracles for three years. Then He was arrested, tried, taunted, spat on, stripped, beaten over and over, had a crown of large thorns placed on His head and beaten down further and then crucified. I believe that through all of this horror He thought only of us. He paid for all of our sins, past, present and future. While He was on the cross He had to pay the ultimate price for our sins and be separated from the Father. But thanks be to God, after three days He was raised again and sits at the right hand of Abba Father.

I believe that Jesus is coming back for the Church. He will come on the clouds and with the sound of the trumpet we will meet Him in the air and be with Him for eternity.

In the mean time we are to do our best to live our lives as Jesus lived His life on earth. We are to love our neighbors. We are to fight for the weak and downtrodden. We are to help those in need. And most of all share the Good News. God be with us.


You Are Not Alone

I am working on having Crisis Pregnancy Centers all over the United States. For your immediate care most have pregnancy tests, STD tests, ultrasounds and counseling. Most also have longer term help like transportation to medical facilities, help in continuing education, job training, adoption, help with gently used baby clothes and maternity clothes and other baby supplies.   more...

The Pregnancy homes offer most of the same things that Crisis Care Centers do but also a place to live. Some allow you to live there for a certain amount of time after the baby comes so you can get on you feet.   more...