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There are many wonderful sites on the internet for missing kids but not for adults.
This site will be for adult missing persons. However, there are some great sites listed for
missing kids on the links page.


1) Please fill in all of the questions. If you not sure of something (i.e. weight, height) try to get as close as possible.
2) Anywhere a phone number is needed please start with the area code.
3) Remember, the more details you give the better the chances of response.
4) We absolutely will not post until a missing persons report is filed with local authorities!
5) This police report number MUST be sent with the submission!

Fields marked with * are mandatory!

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Any information about you will be kept totally private except upon your request.

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About the Missing Person

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About the Disappearance

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Investigating Agency

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Other information or comments.

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Please remember, we do not investigate cases.
We simply post the information that you supply us.

We are not responsible for contacts made to you should
you choose to put your personal information on the page.

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