I'd like for you to meet my son, Chad. He is the oldest of my 4 kids. He has 2 sons, Gavin and Andrew, who wasn't born when Chad died. Chad was born July 10, 1973, he went missing December 22, 1997. His body was found June 27, 1998 and he was buried September 19, 1998. He left behind not only a loving family but friends that were as close as family. If you knew Chad you liked him, that's the type of person he was.

We were never able to find out how he died. He took with him a piece of each of our hearts and left with us some wonderful memories as well as an empty space that we can never fill. His sister, Jenifer, put it very well in her eulogy when she said, "...and now we are incomplete".

This will be Chad's memorial page. A tribute to his life, an expression of love from his family.

After we found out that he was gone, I came across this poem on the internet. I couldn't have expressed it any better.

Just For Today
Along with the lyrics for the song playing.

Even at a young age Chad was outgoing and VERY inquisitive. Everything was a question to be answered... in detail. He learned fast and as he grew he needed more in depth detail. He threw himself into things totally. Chad got the most out of life that he could but gave back so much. He never realized how much he gave me and everyone else around him.

Mothers hold their childrens hands for a little while...
And their hearts forever.
When Chad was really little (2-4) he would memorize TV commercials. Once when I was baking peanut butter cookies I gave the kids each one out of the first batch. After taking a bite, Chad said, "Mmmmmm, it's got a peanut buttery taste". Another time he wanted to see a horror movie and I said no. His argument was, "But mom, it's a true love story!" These are precious memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have reached a point now that I can remember the good times with joy in spite of the pain.
So lift up your heart to the heavens,
There's a loving and kind Father there
Who offers release and comfort and peace
In the silent communion of prayer.

As full of life as Chad was, he had his times of being alone, times to dream his dreams. If you watched him you could see that he was totally immersed in his dreams. His eyes were so far away and I remember thinking that I would like to join him but it wasn't possible and he needed this for him. He was so proud of his Irish heritage and dreamed of one day going there. Maybe one day one of his sons can go and complete that dream for him.
There is nothing in this world that he was more proud of than his son, Gavin. They loved each other so much. And had he lived long enough to have seen his other son, Andrew, born he would have been just as proud of him. Gavin will probably have some memories of him and the family will help him to grow up knowing his daddy. Andrew never got to meet his daddy. We will try our best to help him to know Chad, but sadly you just can't teach them about someone as well as them knowing him. It is my prayer that they both know and love Chad. And I thank God that Chad left such a great legacy for us.

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.
Goodbye sweetheart, memories of you will
always live on in our hearts
I'll see you in heaven....mom

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