My Hiding Place
by R. Jaudon Berry

You are my hiding place
You are my sweet refuge
You are my secret place

You are my cleft in The Rock
I will hide myself in You
From life's storm and shock

And draw nigh to You
As you draw nigh to me
I'll draw strength from Thee
While Satan seeks for me

There are times and seasons
Thou knows the reasons
To fight
With might

And times
to hide
in Thee

Oh, thank You, Lord
for Your Word
That sends me to
that protected space
My Hiding Place

But, Lord tho' I give
You thanks for refuge
that I might live

As I warmly, snugly,safely
that Rock cleft for me

Much, much more
I thank Thee
for time to be
In sweet fellowship
You--with me.

©Copyright R. Jaudon Berry. All rights reserved.

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